Self-confidence issues affect most of us at some point in life. For some of us we lack self-confidence when we have to deal with things like business meetings, presentations or public speaking. For others it only affects our high ambitions or life and career choices. The truth is we all…

Optimizing Your Videos For Search Engines

Why Must You Optimize Videos For Search Engines?

YouTube videos can appear in Google search too. According to Forrester Research study videos are 53 times more likely to generate first page ranking that traditional SEO techniques. The advantage of uploading your videos to YouTube is that your customers can find…


What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing simply means using video to promote your product or service. It evokes interest in your product or service and helps to increase engagement, build rapport and educate your current and potential customers.

Can We Check The Stats?

There have been numerous surveys conducted about…

Don’t we all wish we could have some form of surety in our lives? To be sure that we are marrying the right partner. To be sure that we will get a job as soon as we finish that degree. To be sure that the business we are investing our…

Francina Mapulane

Mother, wife, daughter, friend and God-fearing woman who loves to read and write. Recently addicted to Asian dramas. I write content for Personal Coaches

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